Outsourcing & Co-sourcing

Expertise and flexibility at a fraction of the cost.
There are many scenarios in which it’s beneficial for companies to have a highly skilled tax professional but not have to pay them full salary and benefits. For example, if constrained by an endless cycle of compliance work, a company’s own tax professionals may not be able to participate in its strategic operational decisions. Maybe everyone in your tax department is already filling several functions. Or perhaps your company does not have an in-house tax department and can no longer rely on your audit firm for provision work.

Outsourcing, or co-sourcing, bridges the gap – you get the expertise when you need it, and no extra payroll when you don’t. We’ll take care the functions you do not have the internal staff to handle, including:

  • Compliance: You receive ready access to “on-demand” personnel for periodic needs. You capitalize on our mastery of ever-changing tax laws, our efficiencies, and our economies of scale. In addition to cost-effective risk management expertise, we ensure direct access to the deep process skills and the extensive technical base of our full tax practice.
  • Tax Provision: In this era of Sarbanes-Oxley, many public companies find they must rely on alternative resources for their tax accounting support and documentation. We provide an extensive range of services addressing a company’s needs in relation to Section 404A documentation, FAS 109 compliance and financial statement presentation.
  • State and Local: For tax returns or RARs (Revenue Agents Reports) reporting, we provide the quality preparation services necessary to maintain compliance with taxing jurisdictions throughout the country. We are proficient in dealing with income, franchise and sales/use taxes.