Fesnak Balance

There’s work. There’s life.
And there’s Fesnak’s balance.


We know there’s more to life than work. So while we are a group of hard-charging, focused individuals, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun at company events, we work together as family, and we help you reach a work/life equilibrium.

We maintain a quality work environment where open door policy, mutual respect and family values are not mere clichés. They are integral to our success and to a work environment that enables our clients to rely on us as a trusted business advisor.

We offer the opportunity for flex-time, working a flexible schedule around some core client hours. We offer part-time schedules for those who don’t want to go full-time year round. And we offer remote accessibility to our computer network and files which provides additional flexibility as to where work is performed.

In addition, we have a generous Paid-Time-Off schedule with four weeks for our staff and seniors and 5 weeks for our managers, in addition to our normal holiday closings.